Water & Wastewater Applications

Wastewater Treatment

Our cost effective wastewater solutions serve municipalities worldwide.

Municipalities around the world continue to face strict wastewater discharge limits. KMS is helping to solve these problems by developing membrane solutions to safely discharge waters back into our environment. From our flagship PURON® MBR submerged modules and systems to our PURON® MP hollow fiber ultrafiltration, we provide efficient, safe municipal wastewater treatment solutions to meet the strictest discharge requirements.
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KMS also offers Wastewater Treatment solutions in the following markets:

  • Phosphorus Removal Using PURON® MBR
    The phosphorous removal capabilities of MBR technology creates a compelling rationale for municipal wastewater treatment plants to consider submerged membrane bioreactor technology, in addition to other key benefits such as improved COD and BOD reduction, greater treatment capacity, and a smaller environmental footprint.
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    Retrofitting Existing MBR Systems Many wastewater treatment plant operators have opted to replace first-generation MBR modules with next-generation modules, for improved membrane performance via energy efficiency and reduced membrane fouling.
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  • Santa Paula
    "As membrane scouring and biological aeration account for nearly half of the facility’s power consumption, PERC Water chose to employ the most energy-efficient air production and usage systems on the market . . . Koch Membrane Systems’ PURON® membranes." Juergen Nick, Vice President of Design and Engineering , PERC Water
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    São Paulo, Brazil
    Our challenge was to ensure a steady supply of clean drinking water to 350,000 people living in São Paulo. The answer came in the form of Aquapolo Ambiental, the largest wastewater reuse project in the southern hemisphere, and the fifth largest of its kind in the world. Our groundbreaking (and cost-effective) solution not only adheres to strict regulations, but has the potential to reach 600,000 residents.
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