Metal Finishing Solutions

Cut costs in demanding machining environments with wastewater treatment
and water reuse.

Large manufacturing plants often include metal forming and finishing operations. Great quantities of oily wastewaters can be generated from such operations in the cleaning and degreasing of fabricated parts. These are tough challenges that require unique solutions.

Our research in this arena helped us develop one of our flagship products, the KMS KONSOLIDATOR, built upon robust tubular membranes, designed to handle high solids with minimal clogging and low energy. It is now widely used in industries worldwide to produce clean effluent and reduce expenses when dealing with oily wastewater treatment and water reuse. We can help you select and maintain a heavy-duty solution to handle any manufacturing challenge.

Oily Wastewater Treatment
KMS systems can handle extremely oily wastewater.

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Water Reuse
Reusing wastewater cuts costs in metal finishing
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