Reverse Osmosis Systems

Systems with small footprints and big results.

Spiral Configuration Nanofiltration Technology Reverse Osmosis Technology Water & Wastewater Applications
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Our pre-engineered, packaged water treatment systems using reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technology offer optimum water treatment for brackish and seawater applications within a compact, skid-mounted package.

KMS offers two options to suit your needs:
  • Standard pre-engineered RO packaged plants complete with all equipment, including MM3, MM6,
    and MM9 or 8” equivalents.
  • Modular, reduced-scope Vessel Control Block suited to larger projects and operators who prefer to provide auxiliary equipment. This family of products includes VCB-9 and the VCB-36 equivalent.

The benefits are clear:
  • Flexible design, lower auxiliary equipment costs
  • Fast installation and start-up
  • Range of pressures and sizes
  • Available with 8” or MegaMagnum® membrane element