KMS ASSIST Service & Maintenance Program

Protect your investment with industry-leading service.

The KMS ASSIST Program is a comprehensive service program designed to optimize performance of your membrane system. Promoting long term efficiency by regular site visits, keeping plant personnel trained, and providing dedicated support are at the heart of the KMS ASSIST Program.

The KMS ASSIST Service and Maintenance Program offers:

Site Visits
Site visits by KMS’ skilled personnel provide proactive assessment of your membrane system by:

  • Reviewing membrane operations
  • Inspecting membrane condition and performance
  • Ensuring controller / instrument optimization

Remote Data Acquisition/Monitoring
KMS personnel have the experience and expertise to help diagnose performance trends leading to a problem before they turn into costly failures with:

  • Real-time observations
  • Improvements in system performance and reliability
  • Proactive response
  • Data is securely archived

Performance Enhancing Reports
Reports provide detailed information to promote performance and system efficiency improvements by identifying problems before they happen, allowing us to:

  • Benchmark and track membrane performance
  • Suggest cost reduction measures
  • Recommend system-optimization steps

Our trainers provide accessible documentation tailored to your facility to keep your on-site operators updated on the newest processes, allowing your onsite operators to benefit from:

  • Real-world advice
  • Balance of classroom and hands-on training
  • Consistent operations
  • Better maintenance and methods to lengthen membrane life

Telephone Support
Our dedicated support line offers direct access to technical support, providing:

  • Rapid response
  • Emergency support
  • Experienced personnel
  • Peace of mind