Case Studies

Process Separations
The KMS WINEFILTER provides an economical alternative to conventional wine filtration methods without sacrificing wine quality.

  • Ames True Temper
    Ames True Temper increased plant capacity and productivity without increasing footprint using KPAK® UF membrane modules.
  • Brewster Dairy
    Brewster's long-lasting UF membrane system provides lower-cost whey production.
  • California Dairies
    HFK membranes provide exceptionally high yields for whey and milk processing, and reduce protein losses.
  • Nitta Gelatin
    Nitta Gelatin implemented a state-of-the-art membrane filtration system and avoided the capital cost of installing a new evaporator.
  • Peterson Farms
    KMS robust juice clarification technology is able to handle a high volume of juice and yields an exceptional product.
  • Proteus
    KMS provided a customized solution to address Proteus' special protein concentration challenges.
  • Sepallo Foods
    KMS helped Sepallo separate protein from other nutrients in green leaf juice while netting a high protein yield, maintaining protein structure and purity, and preserving product color.
  • Crossflow Microfiltration for Wineries

Water and Wastewater
KMS designed an effective RO pretreatment system to produce a water supply suitable for boiler make-up and cooling.

  • Antofagasta, Chile
    KMS membranes provide a practical and cost-effective way to provide drinking water to mining camps in remote areas.
  • Bundamba, Australia
    KMS meets the need for a secure water supply for this rapidly growing, drought prone region.
  • Carré de Réunion, France
    The Benefits of MBR technology for the Carré de Réunion Wastewater Plant.
  • DelRio, Texas
    KMS offered the city of DelRio a viable and affordable solution, utilizing KMS’ TARGA® II hollow fiber UF membrane cartridges.
  • Department of Defense
    KMS helps provide potable water for missions ranging from the battlefield to humanitarian relief efforts around the world.
  • ITC
    Ultrafiltration reduces boiler blowdown at India's largest paperboard mill.
  • Metaldyne
    KMS KONSOLIDATOR provides the elusive solution to Metaldyne's extremely difficult oily wastewater.
  • Santa Paula
    Santa Paula meets current and future wastewater treatment needs while complying with strict environmental standards using KMS PURON® MBR technology.
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    KMS identified MBR technology with a Tertiary Membrane Bioreactor (TMBR) system as the most cost-effective strategy to upgrade existing plant infrastructure.
  • Tequesta, Florida
    When Tequesta's water supply required desalination to make it suitable for consumer use, KMS' RO membranes met the challenge.
  • Town of Franklin
    The KMS ASSIST® Service & Maintenance Program helps keep Franklin's water facility in top shape.
  • Waupun
    KMS helped Waupun improve their water quality with a new water softening process.
  • Whirlpool
    The KMS KONSOLIDATOR not only concentrated oily waste, but created a new revenue stream for Whirlpool.
  • Zhuanghe