Industrial & Life Sciences Applications


Advancing biofuel production with membrane separation technology.

Tried and true membrane filtration technology, used widely in industrial process streams, is now being adopted in biofuel production. New processes build on methods used effectively for years in other starch- and sugar-based industries, providing biofuel manufacturers with cost-effective filtration options. In particular, membrane filtration shows promise for improving second-generation cellulosic ethanol processes. It is also rising in popularity for biodiesel processes where membranes facilitate water reuse, especially in areas where water is scarce. In addition, so-called integrated biorefineries are using membrane technologies that facilitate continuous fermentation.

There is no doubt that membrane technology is poised to play a significant role in these industries, so it makes sense to rely on the engineers who perfected it. Let’s talk about your evolving business needs, and employ solutions that will help you remain highly competitive.