Recovery of Indigo Dye

In the production of denim fabric, yarn is impregnated in a series of reduced or soluble indigo dye baths. After dyeing, the yarn is rinsed with water and the dilute dye solution is sent to the wastewater treatment plant.

The Challenge

Large amounts of dilute dye solution of approximately 0.5 g/L are generated in the rinse process. The dilute dye stream imposes heavy load of organic matter to the wastewater treatment plant, and if not recovered, large amounts of valuable dye are lost.


The Solution - KMS KONSOLIDATOR System for Recovery of Indigo Dye

The rinse water from the dyeing operation is oxidized to produce an insoluble indigo dye solution of approximately 0.5 g/L, which is then sent to a membrane system for concentration and reuse.

KMS utilizes the unique KONSOLIDATOR tubular systems to capture the insoluble indigo dye, without a risk of plugging the flow channels of the membrane product with dye particles.


The FEG PLUS Product

The KONSOLIDATOR systems utilize the wide-channel FEG PLUS tubular membrane for the recovery of indigo dye and for other filtration challenges involving high suspended solids concentration.

Benefits of the FEG PLUS Product

  • Robust, wide channel tubular product - can reach up to 65% solids at extremely high recovery
  • PVDF chemistry - compatible with most challenging wastewater streams
  • Plugging resistant
  • Can be mechanically cleaned using spongeballs
  • Long membrane life under most difficult process conditions