Caustic Recovery

The Challenge - How Much Is Your Caustic Really Costing You?

Caustic is used in the textile industry in two major applications: purification of cellulosic fibers, to remove hemicellulose and other impurities from the fibers, to produce high purity cellulose, and in treatment of cotton fabric where it goes through mercerization process to achieve better quality product and higher quality dyeing and printing.

The spent caustic, although still at high strength, cannot be reused in any of the plant operations due to the high concentration of contaminants. Hence, it is usually sent to the wastewater treatment plant, where in most cases it is neutralized with acid, increasing even more the costs of operation.


The Solution - Causti-COR® Systems

Our Causti-COR systems are designed specifically to recover, purify and reuse caustic from different industrial applications.

The KMS Causti-COR Nanofiltration Membrane Systems offer a cost effective, environmentally friendly way to recover the expensive caustic solutions used in the textile processes.

Benefits of Causti-COR Systems

  • Less spending on caustic and acid materials
  • Reduction in effluent volume and reduced waste treatment costs
  • Lower energy consumption


The KMS SelRO® Product

Causti-COR systems utilize our patented SelRO membranes to recover up to 95% of caustic by removing low molecular weight organic and inorganic contaminants.

The SelRO product line was developed to allow continuous operation under aggressive feed conditions, up to 20% sodium hydroxide (pH well above 14) and at temperature up to 70°C (158°F).

Over 100 full scale SelRO systems are operating successfully in the pulp industry, cellulose and textile industries, and in the dairy, pharmaceutical and mining industries.