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Boost the efficiency of your food and feed processing process.

The food industry is ever challenged with finding smarter, faster ways to improve processes. Whether the objective is reducing costs, improving taste, separating and concentrating streams, or perfecting certain temperature-sensitive processes, it all comes down to better technology. That’s where our experience can make all the difference.

For decades, our engineers have worked side by side with some of the largest food processers, putting membrane technology to use in a multitude of biological and chemical processes. Through these experiences, we have amassed an arsenal of solutions to improve virtually any process. You are invited to speak with our team members anytime about your business goals. From the smallest piece of equipment to the biggest production challenge, we have simple solutions that work.
  • Nitta Gelatin
    “One of the most important reasons that we choose the SR elements is their ability to sustain high-process temperatures.” The process fluids pass through the membrane system at temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius, well above the upper limit of the operating temperature range for most other elements.
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    Sepallo Foods
    The challenge was to create a system that would allow Sepallo to separate the protein from other nutrients in the juice, in a way that does not denature the protein or damage the substrate.
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    “By working closely with KMS, we have been able to find an optimal membrane solution for each type of protein that we process.” – Proteus Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Stephen D. Kelleher
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