Food Solutions

Smart solutions for food processing operations.

The food industry is a dynamic, competitive – and now global – marketplace. Stakeholders are challenged to meet increasing consumer demands for high-quality, safe, and nutritious products while maintaining cost-effective operations. Employing the right filtration solutions is an essential step in helping you accomplishing these goals.

With decades of experience meeting the special needs of food processors, we have developed a wealth of solutions proven to boost production, reduce costs, and increase process efficiency while improving yield and quality. We offer a full range of membranes and systems to maximize water use and close the process loop in your manufacturing operation – not only removing contaminants, recovering materials, and purifying process streams within the plant, but also treating the outgoing effluent to meet environmental discharge standards. More importantly, our teams of highly experienced engineers and technicians will guide the process, start to finish, and support your operation as it grows through the years.

Sugar & Starch
We offer tailored systems and design process expertise for efficient sweetener processing. Learn More
Protein Processing
Our protein-processing membranes excel at increasing yields and saving energy. Learn More
Vinegar Clarification
Our exclusive technology achieves superior clarity and color with greater than 99% product recovery.

Learn More
KMS membranes are used in nutraceutical processing for raw materials, extraction, separation, concentration, and purification. Learn More
Food & Feed
KMS works with some of the largest food processers in the world, utilizing membranes on a multitude of biological and chemical processes. Learn More