Industrial & Life Sciences Applications

Dairy Chemical Recovery

Recycle and reuse to reduce your operating costs.

Our long-lasting UF membranes withstand harsh chemicals used to clean whey protein concentrating systems. A patented, fused-fold protection system in our spiral membrane elements also dramatically reduces degradation caused by chlorine, significantly extending service life. KMS elements even allow cleaning at high temperatures and high pH, often eliminating the need for chlorine. This is cutting-edge technology you can put to use today for your dairy chemical recovery needs.

Our SelRO® membranes have excellent long-term stability in effluent solutions such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, and nitric acid at concentrations of 10% or more. They can handle the job with ease, and save you time and money in the long run.
  • Recovery of Caustic and Acids in the Dairy Industry
    KMS membrane technology can be used in the dairy industry to recover the expensive caustic solutions used to clean process equipment. Membranes clarify the cleaning solution to remove suspended and dissolved solids, and the treated solutions can be reused within the plant.
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    Improving Membrane Cleaning
    Crossflow membrane systems are widely used in the production of milk and whey products, where they may be used for concentration, clarification, and fractionation. Plant operators are maximizing membrane life and minimizing expense and time.
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