Industrial & Life Sciences Applications

Juice Processing

More juice per bushel equals higher profits per gallon.

From processing golden, haze-free apple juice to ensuring excellent color passage in dark juices, KMS offers juice clarification technology for all juices and production requirements, providing significantly increased yields of higher-quality juice with less maintenance than conventional methods.

KMS membrane systems easily remove suspended solids, colloidal haze particles, microorganisms, and undesirable proteins, leaving a crystal clear, flavorful juice. Our systems offer filtered juice yields of 96-99%, producing more juice per bushel and higher profits per gallon without diatomaceous earth. KMS juice clarification solutions are durable and long-lasting, which means optimal productivity, high flux, and high recovery.

Several of the world’s largest juice processors turn to KMS to help recover fruit solids and reduce bitterness in their juices. KMS has perfected a process that combines membrane separations and polymeric adsorption to remove limonin, hesperidins, and polyphenols from prime orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, and lime juices, providing improved juice quality, consistency, and yield.