Industrial & Life Sciences Applications

Electrocoat Paint Solutions

A truly flawless finish with membranes for electrocoat systems

For decades, KMS has been a pioneer in developing smart solutions for electrocoating efficiency. As manufacturing demands and industrial standards have increased, we have continually answered the call for innovation with more sophisticated membrane designs that succeed in keeping costs in line.

Our in-depth understanding of the process, its strict system requirements, and the economics involved in designing and upgrading electrocoating systems have resulted in cutting-edge products. For example, membranes for cathodic electrocoat ultrafiltrate paint can be used to decrease deionized water consumption, reduce wastewater, improve paint solids recovery, control paint bath conductivity, and potentially reduce defects. These and other leading solutions have drawn customers from around the world, including leading manufacturers of cars, appliances, metal furniture, garden equipment, and more, who have employed our solutions with great success.