Automotive & Appliance Solutions

Outstanding performance at a very competitive price.

Automobiles, appliances, and many other metal products are coated with water-soluble paint in the electrocoating process. Since the 1960s, KMS has been at the forefront, meeting global demands for more sophisticated paint systems that produce quality, long-lasting products.

Our KPAK® and SPIRAPAK systems allow 96-98% of paint to be recovered, dramatically reducing waste. Time and again, KMS engineers have proven not only an in-depth understanding of the e-coat process and its strict system requirements, but of the economics involved in designing, developing, and upgrading electrocoating systems. As such, the list of satisfied customers who have incorporated KMS membranes into their electrocoating processes include leading global manufacturers of cars, appliances, metal furniture, lawn and garden equipment, and much more. Our proven system design can bring all of your processes to a flawless finish, quickly and economically.

Electrocoat Paint
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