Koch Membrane Systems to Provide PURONĀ® MBR Modules for Oil Refinery in Russia
Published Date: July 17, 2014
Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and membrane filtration systems, announced today that it has been selected to provide PURON® MBR modules for the upgrade of a wastewater treatment plant at a refinery in Russia. The system is designed for an average flow of 24,000 cubic meters per day (6.3M GPD), with peaks of up to 28,800 m³/d (7.6M GPD). Start-up is scheduled for 2015.

The existing conventional wastewater treatment plant at the large oil refinery had to be replaced by a membrane bioreactor system to meet tightened discharge regulations. Ninety percent of the wastewater fed into the MBR is industrial, while the remaining ten percent is sanitary wastewater generated by the refinery’s camps and offices.

KMS’ submerged PURON modules were selected because of their energy efficient design, the small footprint requirements, and KMS’ engineering support during the bidding and project phase. The customer was also impressed with the strong braided fiber, which reduces the risk of fiber breakage.

KMS’ scope of supply includes the PURON PSH1500 membrane modules, all pumps and blowers, and the complete equipment package for the bioreactors with fine bubble diffused aeration, mixers and circulation pumps. Also included are complete MBR plant instrumentation, process logic control, motor control cabinet, and chemical dosing systems, as well as installation and commissioning assistance.

Russia’s water quality improvement program is creating a growing demand for MBR installations. The new water treatment plant will be one of the larger MBR references for KMS in the country, with others to follow.