KMS Launches New UF and MBR Product Generations at Aquatech 2011
Published Date: September 14, 2011
Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) will launch several next-generation membrane products at AQUATECH 2011. The world’s leading exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater is set for 1-4 Nov. in Amsterdam. KMS’s key innovations include:

TARGA® II Hollow Fibre Ultrafiltration Cartridge offers a cost-effective, safe, high-quality water solution for a variety of ultrafiltration applications, from industrial water treatment to seawater pre-treatment, and tertiary wastewater treatment. The element features a robust PES membrane which, combined with optimized cartridge and rack design, results in one of the smallest footprint products on the market. The optimized PES membrane chemistry effectively reduces fouling. The new TARGA II is ideal for OEMs and system integrators who are searching for compact solutions at reduced costs and high system reliability. Its flexible operational design can be combined with intelligent controls systems which allow users to handle variations in feed water quality and flow variations with minimal operator intervention while reducing overall chemical and power consumption.

Submerged PURON® MBR Modules for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Since its debut 10 years ago, the single-header module has proven its reliability and easy-to-operate design in hundreds of MBR installations worldwide. The new generation of PURON PSH modules comes in configurations of 1,800, 600 and 300 square meters of membrane area. The module dimensions remain the same compared to the former PSH 1,500, 500 and 250 series, which means same footprint but 25 percent more membrane area. The compact design significantly reduces infrastructure and thus installation costs. Its highly effective air scouring and solids management means high productivity and low energy demand at minimal downtime.

FLUID SYSTEMS® RO/NF Elements for municipal and industrial water treatment.
For more than thirty years, the FLUID SYSTEMS elements have been accommodating a full range of ratings, sizes and pressures. Rounding out the family of comprehensive water solutions are the new higher area elements with 400 ft² and 34 mil feed spacer as well as 440 ft² with 28 mil feed spacer.

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