KMS Displays PURONĀ® MBR System at Wasser Berlin International 2011
Published Date: April 15, 2011
Koch Membrane Systems (KMS), a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and membrane filtration systems, will showcase PURON®, an industry-leading membrane bioreactor (MBR) solution, at Wasser Berlin International 2011.

The event, scheduled for May 2-5 in Berlin, hosts more than 34,000 visitors, including water management decision makers from government and industry, engineers, and scientists. KMS will display its innovative water treatment products at booth 311 at the conference.

KMS’ PURON submerged modules are ideal for both industrial and municipal MBR systems. PURON modules offer significantly lower lifecycle costs due to a single header design that provides better solids management in the module, braided fibers to reduce the risk of fiber breakage, and highly effective air scouring that virtually eliminates sludging. PURON technology produces highquality effluent that can meet stringent water reuse and recycling requirements while its compact design significantly reduces the treatment system footprint and installation costs.

The PURON PLUS MBR packaged system, featuring PURON membrane modules, is a preengineered skid-mounted packaged plant for wastewater applications that provides customers with a full scope of supply, from prescreening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step.

Other membrane products provided by KMS include:
Spiral-Wound RO/NF Elements for municipal and industrial water treatment. Accommodating a full range of applications, sizes and pressures, KMS spiral-wound elements offer the broadest choice possible.

Tubular and Hollow-Fiber Membranes for wastewater treatment in heavy-duty applications such as metal, chemical, automotive, latex, electronics, textile, food and printing processes, as well as process water treatment in boiler feed and cooling tower applications. These membranes provide a cost-effective solution for water reuse or recovery of valuable components from waste streams.