First Puron MBR in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Helps Conserve Region's Scarce Water
Published Date: February 23, 2011
Tam Environmental Services has chosen the Koch Membrane Systems trading division of Koch Chemical Technology Group Ltd. to provide PURON® membrane bioreactor (MBR) modules for the wastewater treatment plant at new tourist resorts in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The MBR will be used to treat municipal wastewater, which will allow effluent to be reused for irrigation and conserve the region’s scarce water resources.

Al Montazah Company for Tourism and Investment is developing the infrastructure for new holiday resorts in an arid area with limited drinking water supplies located on the Sinai Peninsula’s southern tip along the Red Sea coastal strip. TAM Environmental Services from Cairo was assigned to build an onsite wastewater treatment plant that has a small footprint, is less visible, provides effluent water suitable for reuse, and is modular to accommodate future expansion. While other technologies were reviewed to meet the requirements, MBR was the most feasible solution.

The plant’s first phase is designed for an annual average flow of 5,000 m3/d. Start-up of the MBR with the PURON PSH 1500 modules is scheduled for end of 2011. “We have been using RO membranes from Koch Membrane Systems for many projects in the region”, says Said Mohamed el-Said, General Manager of TAM Environmental Service. “Besides the high quality of the products, we are always extremely happy with the first-class service and engineering support that they provide. When we learned about the robust PURON membrane system with its unique features, it became clear that it would be the first choice for this type of application.”

The demand for PURON MBR technology in the Middle East and North Africa region continues to increase steadily. A 2,000 m3/d installation had just been commissioned at end of 2010, treating the municipal wastewaters of a Saudi Arabia refinery.