Effective wastewater treatment without plugging

Tubular Configuration Ultrafiltration Technology Water & Wastewater Applications Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
Our ULTRA-COR ultrafiltration membranes are ideal for high-solid wastewater treatment and in-process membrane separation applications such as metal fabrication and finishing, food processing, pulp and paper, chemical processing, and oily wastewaters.

What makes the ABCOR membrane so effective is its wide pH and temperature range, which handles high suspended solids easily without plugging. Using chemically stable polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) chemistry, these tubular bundles process high-density materials through multiple half-inch diameter membranes, easily withstanding high operating temperatures, pH extremes, and abrasive particles with superior chemical stability. Whatever your application, you’ll enjoy lower operating costs, fewer interruptions in service, and an improved bottom line.