Tubular Membranes

Tubular Configuration

Our flagship ABCOR® and SUPER-COR® membranes
stand apart.

For nearly half a decade, we have designed and engineered sophisticated tubular membranes that effortlessly handle high concentrations of suspended solids. The ABCOR brand includes four of the finest-quality tubular membranes available for wastewater treatment, while SUPER-COR set new standards in reducing maintenance costs for juice processors industry-wide.

Tens of thousands of KMS tubular membranes made of sturdy polymeric materials are currently in service around the globe, and for good reason. Our rugged, low-energy configurations are easy to operate, run in continuous, reproducible processing cycles, and easily meet the needs of virtually any industrial wastewater or juice filtration application. Most importantly, all are backed by the KMS engineers who designed them, and whose ongoing support ensures your long-term success.
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