KPAK E-coat Series

The electrocoat process, perfected and economized.

Spiral Configuration Ultrafiltration Technology Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
There’s a reason that leading global manufacturers of automobiles, appliances, metal furniture, and lawn and garden equipment rely on KMS membranes for electrocoating solutions. Our technology not only produces a flawless finish, but uses a simple, cost-effective design to conserve resources. To meet increasing manufacturing demands and industrial standards, we utilize self-contained, disposable plastic housing elements for fast installation and removal, ideal for rinsing or recovery of anodic and cathodic paint solids from DI rinse water. The membrane, based on polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) chemistry, provides a robust solution in harsh electrocoat process conditions.

KMS engineers have an in-depth understanding, not only of your electrocoating requirements, but of the economics involved in designing, developing, and upgrading systems as needed. We invite you to learn more, and join our global family of satisfied customers.