HFK Series

Discover a cost-saving solution for dairy processes.

Spiral Configuration Ultrafiltration Technology Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
We’ve put our experience to work to create a wide selection of spiral ultrafiltration elements that are ideal for whey and milk concentration, whey isolate production, and milk standardization. Our HFK-131 and HFK-328 UF element lines are the dairy industry standard for protein recovery, operating reliably in demanding environments to ensure long life, and uninterrupted productivity.

For high-temperature dairy processing, our robust HpHT UF elements perform exceptionally well, tolerating extreme operating conditions, yet able to be cleaned at 85°C with a pH as high as 12.5, saving money on costly chemical cleanings.

All products are made with polyethersulfone (PES) membrane polymer and conform to USDA 3A standards and FDA regulations.