A heritage of innovation inspires our high-performance designs

Spiral Configuration Reverse Osmosis Technology Water & Wastewater Applications Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
Our innovative thin-film composite membranes are indicative of the technical breakthroughs that often emerge from the KMS FLUID SYSTEMS team. Recognized for exceptional performance and dependability, TFC membranes excel at desalination as well as removing trace organics and reducing hardness.

Found in the most demanding water treatment environments, TFC elements can tackle the spectrum of requirements from the complex applications of seawater desalination to brackish waters, electronics and pharmaceutical water purification, to softening applications for power generation, beverage production, chemical processes, boiler feed requirements, and more. Our world-class engineers can help you select from a broad portfolio of reverse osmosis products which include: High Rejection (HR), Seawater (SW), Fouling Resistant (FR), High Flux (HF), Softening (S), and Extreme Rejection (XR).