Spiral Configuration Reverse Osmosis Technology

Reverse Osmosis Spiral Membranes

We've led the way in reverse osmosis technology for more than 40 years.

KMS spiral reverse osmosis systems offer the tightest pore size membrane on the market. Whether your process requires low-energy, high-rejection, low-high pressure, or a combination of these features, our product variety paired with sound technical support will easily – and economically – solve your challenges.

We’ll thoroughly model your process conditions predicting the effect of various design choices. Whether you need to remove trace organics and hardness, or to process streams which require chlorine resistant membranes, KMS has a solution for you. Our sanitary reverse osmosis membranes are also renowned in the food, dairy, and beverage industries as well as in pharmaceutical and general industrial processes because of their robust design and selective rejection properties.

Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
Dairy-Pro RO
High-pressure operation offers superior concentration of total solids versus conventional elements
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Water & Wastewater Applications
KMS FLUID SYSTEMS TFC – where spiral RO membrane technology got its start.
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Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
Sanitary Series
KMS sanitary spirals are the industry leader for food, beverage, and industrial biotechnology
separation processes.
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