SR3D Sanitary NF Series

A New Dimension in Nanofiltration.

Spiral Configuration Nanofiltration Technology Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
KMS SR sanitary spiral membranes are well known for selective rejection when desalting and organic concentration of proteins and lactose is the objective. Now KMS is proud to introduce our new line of SR3D sanitary nanofiltration elements. Available in 8 and 4 inch diameters, our new SR3D elements are setting a new standard in nanofiltration.

Our new, improved SR3D nanofiltration membrane was developed not just for dairy applications such as whey demineralization and lactose concentration, but also for sanitary filtration needs in food and beverage, industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical intermediates. The SR3D membrane offers optimized de-ashing, increased productivity, long membrane life, and stable flux over longer periods of time.

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