Spiral Membranes

Spiral Configuration

Industry pioneers in spiral membrane technology

KMS spiral membranes span the filtration spectrum, from nanofiltration and reverse osmosis to ultrafiltration. Providing a high membrane area with a small footprint, they are robust yet economical. They excel at brackish water treatment, water softening, organics removal, and more, with sanitary spirals widely used in dairy, food, and pharmaceutical applications, allowing for high rejection without compromising yield.

The technology we champion is only part of the picture, however. When you partner with KMS, you’ll have industry-leading engineers supporting your projects, helping you select the best solution from our line of low-energy, high-rejection, or chlorine-tolerant cellulous acetate spirals. We will evaluate your particular needs to configure a standard or customized water treatment system, and recommend design requirements, operating and cleaning procedures, system maintenance, and a multitude of other critical factors to allow your system to deliver peak performance and long-term cost efficiency.
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