Wine Clarification

WINEFILTER Microfiltration Cartridges

The WINEFILTER crossflow membrane was designed specifically for wine filtration. The asymmetric microfiltration membrane pore structure has been optimized to achieve maximum wine clarity while maintaining color, taste, aroma and alcohol content.

Our WINEFILTER cartridges utilize an optimized microfiltration hollow fiber membrane, that gently filters your wine to remove sediments and particles and produce clear wine with the richest taste, color and aroma. The cartridges are available in different dimensions to fit different system configurations. WINEFILTER cartridges are easy to install, easy to operate and easy to clean. They provide large membrane area, up to 185 ft2 (17.2 m2) active membrane area in our 6-inch diameter by 60-inch long cartridge.

Wine-COR Systems

Wine-COR Systems for Crossflow Wine Clarification

The Wine-COR crossflow microfiltration systems are modular, to easily expand as filtration demand increases. The Wine-COR M line is best suited for the small to medium-sized wineries with filtration needs of 6-60 gallons per minute (gpm) (1.4 m3/hr-14 m3/hr). For larger filtration needs, we have developed the Wine-COR F line to offer large wine processors the most economical filtration solution. These crossflow filtration systems are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership with low energy consumption and sustained filtration runs.

Wine-COR Systems Benefits

  • Maintains color, taste, aroma, and alcohol content
  • Compact, mobile design, easily expandable
  • High yield, at 95% or over
  • Eliminates Diatomaceous Earth (DE)