Water and Wastewater

PURON® MBR Systems for Water Treatment

Our engineers are well familiar with the type of wastewater generated in a winery plant. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive solution to treat your wastewater economically, comply with discharge limits or treat the water for reuse.

Unlike retention ponds commonly used for winery wastewater treatment, and other conventional wastewater treatment technologies, MBR technology involves Ultrafiltration membranes, which act as a physical barrier to solids and bacteria, producing high quality effluent. MBR technology easily achieves a sustainable operation, through treatment of wastewater to produce high effluent quality for irrigation or reuse.

MBR Technology Benefits

  • Produces lower organic content, lower color and lower turbidity than ponds
  • Requires minimal space
  • Low maintenance, eliminates the need for residual management and pond sludging

KMS MBR Products

KMS is equipped with the optimal solution for all winery needs. If your facility is relatively small, a boutique style operation, our tubular 1-inch KONSOLIDATOR Ultrafiltration crossflow membrane systems will effectively clarify activated sludge to produce high quality effluent. Our PURON PLUS MBR systems are available in small, packaged plants to treat up to 120,000 gallons per day (19 m3/hr), and in larger pre-engineered systems for larger flow rates.

Due to the membrane and module design and operation practices, the PURON MBR product has quickly become the technology of choice for companies looking to reduce energy, minimize downtime, and increase flux, all within a small footprint.


PURON® MP Systems for Water Treatment

Meet the highest water quality standards and regulations for your process water with our innovative hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology. Easily installed and serviced, the PURON MP systems are designed for longevity and performance. These water treatment systems offer robust engineering and reliable operation at low cost of ownership and small footprint.

The PURON MP product innovation starts at the membrane; strong fiber, practically unbreakable, with optimal pore size distribution awarded this membrane drinking water certification for reliable bacteria and virus removal. Superior cartridge design, including efficient air scouring and single potting improves the solids management, bringing to the small, medium and large wineries a low maintenance, cost effective and reliable means of water treatment.

Our PURON MP systems are available in small, packaged plants to treat up to 200,000 gallons per day (32 m3/hr), and in larger pre-engineered skidded systems for larger demand.