Membrane Packaging

WINEFILTER cartridges are available in an array of configurations to meet
any system need.

Our original WINEFILTER cartridge design has been proven to deliver superior performance and wine quality. Available in both 60” (1524mm) and 51.3” (1303mm) lengths.

Designed as a retrofit for membrane filtration systems configured with a 35.5” (902mm) permeate port spacing, the WINEFILTER-R is the perfect solution for a convenient system upgrade.

Ideal for equipment incorporating stainless steel housings, the WINEFILTER-H can be inserted into a variety of system configurations.

Our SUPER-COR® and SUPER-G® tubular membrane technologies are ideal for the processing of sweet and fermented wine lees. Configured in a multi-tube modular geometry, these robust cartridges are able to handle product streams containing high levels of suspended solids like wine lees. These systems eliminate the need for diatomaceous earth and other filter aids currently used with traditional recovery techniques.