Crossflow filtration for wine processing

WINEFILTER products deliver consistent results on all wine varieties; producing red, white, and rose wines without the use of DE or other filter sheets. From boutique cellars to large wineries, KMS enables hundreds of wine producers around the world to create premium wines through this advanced approach.

The WINEFILTER Advantage:

* Better Yields – Crossflow microfiltration cuts wine losses over traditional methods improving finished wine yields by up to 5%.
* Higher Safety – Airborne dust from diatomaceous earth raises serious safety and environmental concerns, and carries high disposal costs.
* Simple Operation – One membrane can be used to filter all kinds of wine – including even the most difficult reds – with consistent results.
* Save Money – Longer runs, higher yields, reduced labor and handling, energy, material, waste disposal, and maintenance savings all add up to a lower total cost of operation for you!

Crossflow Benefits Over Conventional Wine Filtration:

  • Flavor, aroma, color, and clarity are maintained
  • Single filtration results in fewer steps and less handling
  • Wine yields can be increased by up to 5%
  • Capable of automation and minimally attended operation
  • No diatomaceous earth, pad, or cartridge disposal costs