Hollow Fiber Configuration Microfiltration Technology

Microfiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes

Explore our low-pressure, high-efficiency microfiltration solutions

KMS engineers design these polysulfone (PS) microfiltration membranes that clarify, concentrate, and purify a variety of processes while keeping all of your operating concerns in mind. They require less space, labor, and chemicals yet still produce the highest quality separation possible. Operating at relatively low pressures, hollow fiber membranes are the smart alternative to many conventional separation processes.

This high-efficiency technology can be applied to a variety of liquid streams. Our engineers can quickly assess your needs and make recommendations from our broad portfolio of microfiltration products. We invite you to share in, and benefit from, our extensive knowledge.

Industrial & Life Sciences Applications
Wine Filtration Solutions
Hollow fiber technology is unbeatable for wine, food, industrial biotechnology filtration.
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