Membrane Cleaning Products and Services

Over 50 Years of Membrane Experience

Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) is a global leader in membrane filtration technologies with over 50 years of membrane experience and 20,000 system installations worldwide. We have applied our membrane experience and knowhow to develop a proprietary line of KOCHKLEEN® and KOCHTREAT® products, designed specifically to clean, regenerate and revitalize membranes used in food, beverage, municipal, and industrial applications. KMS supports our line of cleaning products with our unparalleled service offering. KMS Cleaning Solutions is committed to making sure your membrane process operates at its full potential, providing the most value to your business.


KOCHKLEEN products contain an optimal blend of acids, bases, oxidants, surfactants, enzymes, solvents, or chelants tailored to your specific application needs. Our proprietary cleaners can be purchased in container sizes between 1 gallon (3.8 Liter) and bulk tanker for liquids, and 25 to 450 pound (10 to 200 kg) drums for powdered solids.

KOCHTREAT is a family of membrane antiscalant products formulated to protect your Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration system from mineral scale. KOCHTREAT products allow for maximum system recovery while addressing your specific scaling challenges.

KMS Cleaning Services

KMS has a comprehensive understanding of both membrane fouling and longevity. KMS can put this experience to work for you through the following services:

  • Customized Cleaning Recipes
  • Cleaning Protocol Database
  • Membrane Cleaning Optimization
  • Operator Training

Our (Cleaning Product Selection Guide) and (Safety Datasheets) will help you select the best cleaning products for your membrane system and application. Our experienced process engineers are available to provide a comprehensive cleaning protocol for your specific process.

At KMS you will find membranes, membrane systems, skilled service engineers and membrane cleaning products. KMS is your One Stop Shop for all your filtration challenges.

Technical and Sales Support

  • Technical Support – +1-978-694-7050 (USA)
  • Customer Service – +1-978-694-7004 (USA)
  • Technical Support and Customer Service – +49 241 41326 32 (Europe)
  • Your Regional Sales Manager


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