TARGA® II Hollow Fiber
Ultrafiltration System

A New Standard in Water Treatment


The TARGA II hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane system offers cost effective,
safe, high quality water for a variety of treated water applications, from drinking water to seawater RO pretreatment, industrial water treatment, and tertiary wastewater treatment.

What makes KMS' next-generation membrane filtration technology
different from its competitors?

Optimized Design

  • Small footprint
  • Increased flow
  • Reduced capital costs


Proven 4-log Virus Removal

  • Fiber ideally suited to meet stringent regulations
  • Prevents contaminant breakthrough
  • Cost-effective compliance with Safe Drinking Water Act

Intelligent Controls

  • Reduced chemical usage and energy costs
  • Minimized operator involvement
  • Efficient handling of feed water quality upsets