Industrial & Life Sciences Applications

Whey Concentration

We designed the first UF system for concentrating whey.

KMS ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes are ideal for whey concentration. Whey, once an environmentally troublesome waste product of cheese production, has become a significant revenue stream for processors. Whey protein concentrate is used in many products including nutritional beverages, baked goods, processed foods, and animal feed. Whey or UF permeate can be concentrated using RO or NF for further processing or to reduce volume for transport. NF may be used for partial demineralization, or after RO to achieve higher total solids.

Our long-lasting membranes withstand harsh chemicals used to clean membrane systems. Our fused-fold protection system in KMS XL-1000 spiral UF membrane elements also dramatically reduces degradation caused by chlorine, significantly extending service life. KMS HpHT UF elements allow cleaning at high temperatures and high pH, often eliminating the need for chlorine.

KMS high-rejection RO elements typically exhibit greater than 99% protein and lactose rejection, while our NF membranes excel in desalting and concentrating whey proteins and lactose. This is cutting-edge technology you can put to use today for your whey concentration needs.