Industrial & Life Sciences Applications

Milk Processing

Our specialty membranes outperform at milk pre-concentration.

KMS ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes excel at removing water and selected components during milk filtration. These concentrated milk solids can then be sent for cheese production, ingredient use, or condensed milk products. Permeate from the UF step can be concentrated via RO and/or NF and further processed into lactose or permeate powder. UF and RO are also used to concentrate milk to reduce shipping volumes during transport to other facilities.

Whatever your milk separation, filtration, or transportation challenge, our global team of experts has solutions for it, solutions that may streamline and simplify your entire operation. It’s this kind of specialized innovation that makes us trusted partners to milk processors worldwide. We welcome the opportunity to assist you as well.
  • Membrane Cleaning
    Crossflow membrane systems are widely used in the production of milk and whey products, where they may be used for concentration, clarification, and fractionation. Plant operators are maximizing membrane life and minimizing expense and time.
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  • California Dairies
    “We are very pleased with our decision to work with KMS. They really know the dairy industry, and this expertise was critically important not only in membrane selection, but in optimizing the process to handle our very difficult cold-processing application.” – Steven Cooper, Vice President of Operations, California Dairies, Inc.
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    Brewster Dairy
    “The KMS XL-1000 elements last twice as long as any other membrane available. The XL-1000 elements have helped us control our production costs, so that we can compete effectively in the commodity market for whey protein concentrate.” – Ken Shook, Supply Chain Manager, Brewster Dairy, Inc.
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